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1. We genuinely care about the quality of the work. It’s not a coincidence that the word “Creativity” is in our name.


2. We had jobs at really big agencies. There’s some good stuff (the high dollar shoots in LA) and some bad stuff (the whole corporate game crap.) In the end, we decided we’d rather control our own destinies and find our own way to LA.


3. We had jobs at some really small agencies. There’s some good stuff (being able to focus on the client) and some bad stuff (not having big thinking around us.) In the end, we decided we’d rather control our own destinies an find the co-workers and clients we wanted to work with.


4. We’re a little insecure. We live in El Paso. Not exactly the media capital of the world. So we try harder. We study global trends and we keep in touch with our big agency connections.


5. We’re passionate. If you’re not looking for an opinion, you shouldn’t be looking at us. That doesn’t mean we don’t take directions, suggestions, criticisms and/or all of the above, it just means that we’re not a sweat shop or a lifeless computer.  We wont just spit something out. (See #1)


6. We’re nerds. We love the newest gadgets and gizmos. With them comes the newest and coolest thinking. It’s a bit unscientific, but we figure with that kind of thinking comes good things for everyone. So we buy in.


7. We’re mutts. As mentioned in #4, we’re from El Paso. The most multicultural city in the northern hemisphere. We have a perspective on the Hispanic market that no other agency can possibly have. If you want to know about the Hispanic culture, come see El Paso. You’ll see.


8. We’re lean. We have to be, have you seen the margins agencies are getting these days? Our model is designed to utilize the best resources anywhere. From design to production, we find the best from all over the world and use them. Our brains, their brawn, smaller budgets.


9. We love to travel. Want to talk to us? Just let us know and we’re on our way. There isn’t a city in the country we cant find a great restaurant and a cold beer we can talk over.


10. We’re badasses. We’ve been creatively recognized by nearly every major industry award. From national gold Addys to mentions in Adweek and Archive magazine, we love the gold as much as the next guy.



Agency Information


(p) 915-861-6224


[email protected]


Year Founded:
Two Thousand & Two


Staff (including Principals):


Awards & Recognitions:

Local, Regional and National Addys.
Print Magazine. Adweek. Communication Arts.
El Paso Times (Feature(s), 52 Under 40)
El Paso Inc. (Feature(s), Q&A Feature)
Ser Empresario (Feature)
2005 El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Inaugural Future 15 recipient